Erebos Covenant

Erebos is a covenant of Magi Ex Miscellanistes. Five traditions are present.

Witches of Thessaly – haughty female elemental summoners
- Destasia (“in charge”) (2)
- Kopis (potentially helpful) (4)
- ??? (eldest) (1)
- Myrella (3)

Pharmacopoeians – oppressed herbalists
- Anagoras (10)
- Chlorotema (11)
- Alexei (9) (old)

Cult of Orpheus – varied
- Pylades (5) (OLD)
- Psymander (6) (80ish, joyful)
- Lukadeus (7) (40ish, religious)
- Horatio (8) (JD)

Seirenes – DO NOT WANG
- ??? / Lampya (13)

Beast Masters – ZZZ
- Svegner (12)


Letter from Proximius to Pagiono, late 1221:
“My dear Pagiono,

I am delighted that you have had success in the founding of your covenant. As promised, I will of course provide guidance and assistance to your ends, and to this matter is the business I direct to you today.
The Thebes tribunal has, up to now, had no representative serving from the Lineage of Pralix. This is not for lack of need; the tribunal is home to at least two hedge traditions and a covenant of magi of the House Ex Miscellanea. It is thus I have encouraged you here – I am sure there will be plenty to study in matters of non-hermetic and newly-hermetic traditions.
Seek the covenant of Erebos, home only to magi of this house. From Thesseloniki, travel west . A valley south of lake Vergoritida and northwest of both Olympos and the road that leads there is home to this covenant. As is typical of a covenant of this type, there is division and resistance to the greater good that is hermetic culture. I urge you to provide guidance, such as your tradition is wont to do, that these magi might be brought more fully into our ways.
I should not need to add this, as I am sure you are familiar, but I urge you to step with subtlety. There may be a careful balance in the doings of this covenant, and interfering may only make things worse. I am certain that should you gain their trust, you might eventually gain some form of leadership or influence, and bring them better into the sway.
I believe that there are annals into magic that the folk here do not let on.
Find out all you can, and report back to me."

Erebos Covenant

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